TMF Application Software

AC-08-0012 TMF application is intended to perform Thermo Mechanic Fatigue test (as per ASTM E2368) under MTL32 environment with 2360 controller.The user interface includes specimen description, loading parameters, pump controls, test run/stop, graph display, numeric readouts of several relevant test parameters. Test descriptions and test settings are available as panels accessed by clicking on relevant tabs or pull down menu.


  • Stepwise execution of TMF test.
  • Step-1: To tune the temperature controller.
  • Step-2: To find out the temperature strains at specific temperature range.
  • Step-3: To find out temperature -modulus relationship.
  • Step-4: To verify temperature strain compensation.
  • Step-5: TMF test in strain control with temperature strain compensation.
  • Temperature-Strain relationship constants will be transferred automatically to final TMF test.
  • Temperature strain compensation will be done at firmware level.
  • Online display of loading modulus, unloading modulus, K’, n’ yield stress,plastic strain, max-min stress and strain and temperature.
  • Limit settings on stroke and strain.
  • Auto data acquisition settings.
  • Online graphs of stress vs strain and transients.
  • Offline post processing program to analyze the results in MS Excel.
  • Option to save the test profiles.
  • Option to remove residual strain.
  • Option to add strain to gage length.
  • Option to terminate the test at specified modulus drop, stress drop and/or increase in strain.
  • Independent cooling of heating and cooling segments.