Fracture Toughness Application Software

AC-08-0004 Fracture toughness application software to perform fracture (K1c) test (as per ASTM E399) under MTL-32 environment with 2370 series controller.The user interface includes specimen description, loading parameters, material properties, pump controls, test run/stop, graph display, and numeric readouts of several relevant test parameters. Test descriptions and test settings are available as panels accessed by clicking on relevant tabs or pull down menus.

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  • Tests can be done in stroke, load and COD control.
  • Online graphs of load vs. displacement and load vs COD.
  • Option to save the test profiles.
  • Auto data acquisition settings.
  • Autoscaling of graphs.
  • Option to enter material properties.
  • Option to see crack length online.
  • Option to stop the test after specified percentage load drop.
  • Offline post processing program to analyze the results in MS Excel.