Elastomer Application Software

AC-08-0203 Elastomer application software is used to perform static and dynamic tests on rubber specimens under MTL32 environment with 2370 controller.The user interface includes specimen description, loading parameters, pump controls, test run/stop, graph display, and numeric readouts of several relevant test parameters. Test descriptions and test settings are available as panels accessed by clicking on relevant tabs or pull down menus.


  • Test can be done in displacement or load control.
  • Option to pre-load the specimen and continue test in displacement control.
  • Online graphs of load vs. displacement.
  • Option to save the test profiles.
  • Auto data acquisition settings.
  • Autoscaling of graphs.
  • Option to enter test details and specimen dimensions.
  • Option to program safety intelocks for load and displacement.
  • Online display of max load, min load, max diaplacement, min displacement, cycles, etc.
  • Option to stop the test after specified number of cycles.
  • Data processing program to analyze the results in MS Excel.
  • Test report includes dynamic stiffness(Kd), static stiffness (Ks),Kd/Ks, damping coefficient, phase angle, loss factor, etc.