Mechanical Wedge Grips

BISS AC-05-01-TX series Mechanical Wedge Grips are designed for tensile and cyclic loading. The grip operates by wedge action through manual rotation to loosen or tighten the specimen. The moving wedge maintains a constant relationship between gripping pressure and tensile force. As a result, griping pressure increases with the tensile force to avoid the slip between wedge faces and specimen surface during the test. These grips are compatible for working with servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanical machines with a provision for specimen insertion sideways. These grips come with the interchangeable jaws of flat and V serrated designs for variety of specimen geometries and types.


  • Quick and easy handling
  • Side mounting design
  • Suitable in both static and dynamic loading applications
  • Multiple wedge selections
  • Easy specimen insertion
  • Suitable in environmental chambers
  • Improved serrations to secure specimen with minimal clamping

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