Axial Torsion Grips

BISS AC-0511AX Series, hydraulic Axial Torsion Grips, serve static and fatigue test applications where both axial and torsional forces are applied simultaneously. Unique self-locking feature of the grip permits grip mounting without preloaded spiral or wedge washers. Each grip is equipped with two hydraulic chambers. The lower chamber activates the self-lock actuator to lock the grip in its present position with respect to the load frame with required tensile preload to eliminate both axial and torsional mounting play. The upper chamber activates wedge gripping with adjustable pressure. This pressure pushes the wedges up thereby forcing clamping at desired specimen orientation. These grips ensure clamping of the specimen under reproducible conditions for each test.


  • Self-locking with zero axial/torsion backlash
  • Quick connect and self-sealing hydraulic hose connections
  • Easily mountable without need for wedge/spiral washers and preload
  • Separate manifold provided for electronically controlling the grip and press activation
  • Wedges for flat & round specimens

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