Hydraulic LCF Grips

BISS AC-05-XXLX Series Hydraulic LCF (low-cycle fatigue) Grips are designed to perform LCF test in accordance with the ASTM E606. These grips are self-aligning and self-locking. The grips are provided with “quick connect” hose connections. Required equal pressure to both grips is set by means of pressure regulating valve on the service manifold. Gripping is activated from the operator touch screen panel. These grips are suitable for use on electro mechanical machines when configured along with a dedicated pump and service manifold unit. Pressure line accumulators and non-return valves ensure retention of gripping force in the event of power outage.

High temperature grips are rated up to 1000 °C. The pull rod, pin and adapter are made of high-temperature super alloys and extend into the heated zone of the furnace by which thermal gradients within the specimen are minimized. The water-cooled grip bodies, outside the furnace, are nearly at room temperature, isolate hot parts of the grips from the actuator piston rod and from the load cell.


  • Self-locking and self-aligning
  • Zero backlash
  • In accordance with ASTM E606
  • Quick connect and self-sealing hydraulic hose connections

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  • Light weight and easily mountable without special tools
  • Separate manifold for electronically controlled grip pressure and activation
  • Cups for threaded and button head specimens