Load Cells

BISS tension-compression load cells are compact in design and are easily mounted on to the actuators, crossheads, platens and other test fixtures. These load cells are characterized by excellent linearity and seamless tension-compression response with virtual absence of hysterisis. BiSS load cells include circuitry for auto-calibration against internal shunt reference, thus obviating the need for on-site calibration during installation. These load cells are precision machined from high strength steel and the sensitive element is wire-cut and instrumented with Transducer Class strain gauges from Micro Measurements, USA, along with bonded resistor networks for bridge balance and temperature compensation. Two-step curing virtually eliminates potential process-related residual strains


  • Tension-compression, fatigue rated up to 109 reverse cycles,
  • 350 Ohm bridge resistance
  • Shear web up to 600 kN, Column type for others
  • Optional backing plate
  • Relatively insensitive to side loads
  • Precision machined
  • Provision for auto calibration

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