Nano Plug and Play

The BISS Nano Plug-n’-Play Series of servo-hydraulic test systems carry a special appeal to the academic community. Researchers and academics alike find in the Nano, an affordable and easy to use solution to their testing requirements both for education as well as fundamental research.

The uniqueness of the Nano comes by way of a fully integrated, single footprint configuration that is compact, portable and quiet in operation. Once plugged into a standard 15A single-phase mains supply, the Nano springs to life with all the capabilities of a standard UTM, restricted only by a force limitation of 25 kN (dynamic).

The Nano may appear to be a simple device as easy to set up as a refrigerator. This is because of the cutting-edge technology ‘hiding under the hood’. It includes 3-phase variable frequency drives that feed off conventional single-phase mains supply to orchestrate the operation of both the hydraulic pump as well as the thermostatic cooling fans. A full-fledged digital control system tracks actuator position with 0.1 micron resolution, while also delivering precision control of force or strain. The actuator, hydraulic powerpack and cooling system along with controller as well as host computer are all housed within the enclosure to deliver ‘Plug-n’-Play’ functionality.

The standard configuration of the Nano includes a set of universal grips, extensometer and Crack Opening Displacement (COD) gauge. A wide choice of application software can be ordered with the Nano. These include conventional static tension and compression, low and high-cycle fatigue (LCF and HCF), fracture mechanics and fatigue crack growth.

The Nano serves as a platform to perform practically all standard tests to characterize mechanical behavior of materials. The versatile TestBuilder application enables highly customized experiments required of cutting-edge experimental research. Provided testing is restricted to the maximum force rating of 25 kN, the Nano Plug-n’-Play represents an ideal, cost-effective solution to wide range of testing requirements.


  • Single footprint system
  • 25 kN load capacity
  • ± 25 mm stroke measurement; 0.1 µm resolution
  • Operating frequency up to 65 Hz (up to 100 Hz optional)
  • Virtually noiseless
  • High precision servo-control
  • Rated for indefinite operation


  • Tension/Compression/3-point bend
  • Ductile and brittle fracture
  • Fatigue crack propagation
  • Threshold stress intensity
  • Low/High-cycle fatigue (LCF/HCF)
  • Elastomer properties

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