Creep and creep-fatigue testing demand high levels of long-term stability in controlled temperature as well as strain. It also demands the ability to accurately track small, time-dependent variations in stress over extended periods of time that are inevitably associated with the creep phenomenon. These requirements led to the development of Electra Servo-electric machines.

Electra represents a class of servo electric test system also developed for corrosion induced low-cycle fatigue testing. LCF testing in a corrosive environment poses technical challenges where in the gauge area needs to be completely soaked in a corrosive medium with provision for circulation to maintain corrosive action. Axial and diametral strains needs to be measured in a submerged gauge area. BISS offers the required hardware and software for corrosion LCF testing with a special capability of simultaneous independent measurement of transverse strain and gross axial strain.

It comprises servo-electric actuator with options for both horizontal and vertical loading. A variety of grip options, high temperature furnaces, ovens with associated temperature controllers and environmental chambers are available as accessories. Also provided with these systems are BISS make controllers to operate in stroke, load and strain control modes.

Please click here for servo-electric based Low force test systems (LFS).

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  • Self-reacting load frame from 10 to 200 kN
  • Actuator stroke up to 150 mm
  • Working temperature up to 1100ºC
  • Encoder based displacement measurements
  • Virtually noiseless
  • Green and energy efficient system with in-built UPS for continuous operation
  • Zero backlash and quiet performance
  • Speed 5 μm/min to 500 mm/min
  • User friendly application software
  • Environment Chamber – option available


  • Creep and stress relaxation
  • Tension, compression, shear, flexure, peel and bend tests
  • Strength and characterization of metals
  • Room temperature & high temperature tests
  • Thermo mechanical fatigue studies
  • Low cycle fatigue testing
  • Creep fatigue, creep crack and creep corrosion studies

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