Single Column

The single column LFS system can be used for testing materials which includes polymers, thin films and biomaterials. The LFS series systems are also used as a mechanical stimulator for studies involving 3D Mechanotransduction. For testing implants and characterizing material properties the single column LFS system has the option of using a torque head for biaxial loading of specimens. Up to 2 Nm Torque can be applied in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.
The single footprint system can operate continuously inside an incubator to enable testing over longer periods. A compact table top construction offers flexibility and access for modulation of the test configuration and advanced testing capabilities.
The systems are designed to operate cooler and have the advantage of maintaining sterile conditions within an incubator.

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The Woods
Cinque Terre


  • Single column frame suitable for force up to 500 N
  • Compact, table top construction
  • 0.1μm displacement resolution
  • Optional 2 Nm torsion head for biaxial loading
  • Incubator compatible


  • Metals, plastics, composites, biomaterials
  • Miniature specimen testing
  • Tension, compression and fatigue
  • Tissue engineering

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