Global majors look up to BiSS for support in Testing and Measurement for Product Development, Project Engineering and Quality Assurance in Aerospace, Energy and Transportation

BiSS (Bangalore Integrated System Solutions) carries with it, the experience of over twenty years of innovation that have made it a leading manufacturer of servo-controlled test systems and competitive provider of testing services. Most R&D establishments in the country and many multinationals rely on BiSS support to meet their requirements in testing for strength, performance and durability of materials and engineered components.
The 100-member team at BiSS is driven by its motto, “Precision and performance can be affordable!”. Having served the R&D and Quality Assurance needs of India’s burgeoning automotive industry in the nineteen nineties, BiSS focus in the new millennium extends to the demanding needs of aerospace, defence, and nuclear industries. Over forty per cent of BiSS supplies are shipped to a growing list of demanding overseas customers. The one-acre facility in Bangalore’s Peenya Industrial Area also houses BiSS Research, a Govt. of India, recognized R&D unit and host to one of the country’s largest test facilities for material and product evaluation.
The mix of testing services with test technology development and manufacture represents a business model that is unique to the industry. It covers the entire loop starting from domain knowledge to comprehend customer requirement right through technology delivery to ensure customer satisfaction by incorporating vital inhouse links of cadre development, exposure to current and emerging test applications, test control and data processing algorithms and hands on feel for product and process reliability. When presented with the prospect of setting up a new type of test to determine material properties or component durability, BiSS engineers get involved with both the understanding of associated loading actions and response measurement and analysis requirements. Thus, the experience of setting up and executing a custom test to satisfy customer requirement serves as an assurance that a subsequent supply of test equipment to do similar tests will meet or exceed customer needs. It also carries the assurance that the end user can count on available expertise at BiSS for support with regard both to the application as well as test equipment.

BiSS manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management. BiSS testing and calibration services are NABL and Nadcap certified and also certifiedmunder ISO 17025 for 29 types of tests. BiSS equipment and testing services are used by a variety of reputed global players to characterize material behaviour and to evaluate the strength, performance and durability of components and products. Results thus obtained serve a vast variety of purposes ranging from life extension of nuclear power reactors to material qualification for wind turbines, from durability of automotive components to the qualification of critical satellite launch vehicle components, from the reliability of industrial heat exchangers to design detail qualification of advanced aerospace composites, from impact durability of dental implants to characterization of cardiovascular tissue properties. BiSS motion control technology is used in three-axis six degree-of-freedom earthquake simulation studies and also in flight simulator platform movement.

The wide front of test-related activity at BiSS is made possible by a defining combination of circumstances – expertise garnered over two decades in the interdisciplinary domains of mechanical testing, measurement and analyses leading to the evolution of a large cohesive team of personnel with a vast spread of expertise backed up by experienced management and mentorship involving continuous exposure to both R&D and industry.

Technically challenging equipments that have been supplied over the years include 

A biaxial damper: what may arguably be the most sophisticated and powerful systems of their kind in the country. Thus, a 650 kVA, high frequency 2000 kN dynamic biaxial test rig will test the performance and durability of dampers that connect strap-on boosters to the main launch vehicle for large telecommunication satellites. A friction stir welding combine capable of tracing spatial weld contours is being put together for the Indian Institute of Science. A 5-ton three-axis, six degree of freedom earthquake simulation table is now operational in Turkey. And, work is in progress on a four-poster automotive test rig with indirect parameter control and real-time simulation capability.

BiSS Research is equipped with around thirty different servo-hydraulic test systems available on 24/7 basis for use by customers who wish to outsource their testing activity. A team of over fifteen personnel with expertise in a number of related areas ensures that expectations of individual customers with regard to test design, execution and reporting are addressed promptly and in confidence.

Well-known companies of global repute utilize BiSS support in a variety of applications:

  • Stress-strain properties of metals and composites required for design,     quality assurance and qualification purposes
  • Strength, fracture and durability of metals and composites under various loading and environment conditions
  • Dynamic and elastomeric properties of rubbers, polymers and products made from such materials
  • Performance and durability of suspension components such as shock absorbers, struts, air cushions and silent mounts
  • Fatigue and residual crack propagation life of riveted airframe panels
  • Creep-fatigue and creep-crack growth properties of thermal power plant piping material.

Test equipment in the laboratory include a vast array of precision servo-controlled static and dynamic universal testing machines with force rating ranging from 5 to 2000 kN, biaxial and multi-axial systems, environmental chambers and furnaces covering the temperature range from –190 to 1200 deg C. A vast range of grips, fixtures and instrumentation is available to meet the demands of individual tests. And easily configurable software enables quick adaptation to even the most demanding needs of a particular test application.

Diverse applications of BiSS test technology are made possible by its unique control hardware and software platform. A unified architecture controller serves as a single platform for the entire range of BiSS test equipment. And proprietary GDS (Global Data Sharing) software architecture permits incremental advances in software applications without disturbing operational code.

Our vision through 2020 is to continue to pursue the mix of manufacturing and services with its ever widening range of customer applications. This year will see the entry of BiSS into the arena of customized electromechanical test systems and further growth in multi-channel/multi-axial systems including special purpose machines (SPMs) such as friction-stir welders.

To cope with increasing demand from engineering companies for total solutions in product evaluation and development, BiSS proposes to enter the domain of field data acquisition. This will enable support for end-to-end solutions starting from measurements in the field through their simulation in the laboratory and interpretation of results.

The 100-strong young and dynamic BiSS team backed up by the immense resources of ITW is in a position to quickly respond with cost effective solutions to your most demanding requirements in test technology and services.

With BiSS involvement, performance and precision can indeed be affordable!







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