Unique features  What it means to you?

 Contamination insensitive servo-hydraulics

 Components used in the system are industrial quality components 
 with heavy-duty rating. No proprietary parts.
 Rated to operate over wide range of temperatures from
 5 to 500 C and in unprotected shop floor environment

 Maintenance free

 No expensive pressure line filters to replace

 Low installation cost

 Very low life-cycle support cost

 Components available from multiple vendors

 Energy efficient and quiet pumps

 All major components sourced from multiple vendors to
 ensure easy access to spares and support.

 Servo control of programmed pressure through electronic
 control of motor r.p.m.

 Test industry’s first “Green solution” to meet rising
 requirements of energy savings, carbon emission. Reduction
 in power consumption of up to 75% over conventional
 pumps. Proportionately reduced cooling requirements.
 Pumps below 5 lpm require no cooling at all.

 Modular electronics
 High performance DSP with USB interface.Modular
 expandability in performance as well as channel count.
 Multi-station configuration. 32 bit internal calculations.
 24-bit raw analog data acquisition, with oversampling to
 higher bit count.

 Single hardware platform for all testing machines and all test
 applications. Lower inventory of parts. Low cost of spares
 and support.

 5+ kHz digital loop update. 4 to 80 channels data acquisition.
 1 to 16 control channels. Up to 15 m/s control velocity and
 250 Hz cycling. 100 kHz sustained data transfer rate from up
 to 96 channels.

 Single supply electronics.Conventional analog electronics
 continue to use bipolar power supplies.
 BiSS Research has developed its modules around new
 generation single rail power supplies.
 Virtually maintenance free given reliability of single rail
 electronics as seen in modern auto and medical
 instrumentation. Reduced drift and ground sensitivity. Low-
 cost.Operates with off-the-shelf PC-compatible power

 Global Data Sharing (GDS) Software

 Allows multiple applications to operate on common Virtual
 Machine (PC memory area). Compatible with all known
 programming environments including Delphi, Visual
 Studio, Lab-View, Lab-Windows CVI, MS-Office, etc.

 Easy development and real-time debugging of new
 applications in practically any environment

 Most efficient data sharing scheme with absolutely no need
 to use slow MS Windows tools such as dynamic data
 exchange and ActiveX controls.

 Open Source Software

 Written as MS-Office Visual Basic Macros. Available for
 many common applications in static and dynamic testing.

 User is provided with source code. User enjoys freedom to
 study, modify and enhance code.

 Access to a variety of shared applications. No license fees.
 Provides platform for power users to customize existing
 applications and develop new applications. Market access to
 user innovations.


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