Furnace (AC-09 series)

BISS AC-03-XXXX series hydraulic power units are the efficient power sources for the servo hydraulic test systems. The added features contribute to long fluid life, optimum system performance and convenient system operation. These power packs are equipped with gear pumps or variable displacement pumps that result in a remarkable improvement of energy efficiency and lower noise levels. These unique features result in lower operational costs and “greener” environment.

Standard features

* Split tubular construction with stainless steel shell and heavy-duty hinge assembly
* Temperature rating up to 1200°C
* Temperature accuracy ±2°C or better
* Heating rates up to 200C/min @ No load
* Single zone and 3 zone options
* Single or three phase powered 1.8 to 25kW
* Elements: Kanthal A1 or Silicon Carbide
* Temperature sensors: J, K, E, T, N, B, R, S Type
* High efficiency insulation with embedded heating elements
* Dimensions maybe built-to-order based on individual requirement
* Option for Inert gas purge facility
* Ports for integration with load train
* Over temperature indication & alarm
* Single or multiple ramps with user specified rates
* Cut-outs to mount Extensometers /COD gages, bottom entry type LLD gage and DCPD connections simultaneously
* Side view port for viewing specimen
* Digital furnace control system with PID based controller Master/Slave, independent zone
* Specimen temperature display & control options

* Mounting bracket to fix on load frame column
* Furnace control through standalone software with touch screen interface
* Optionally integrated with BISS controller and software for Temperature vs Time data logging


Compact furnace

* Two zone furnace
* Specimen temperature from 300°C to 1400°C
* Temperature stability and accuracy is ±2°C
* Works on single or three phase power supply




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