Servo-Controlled Hydraulic Power Pack (AC-03-XXXX)  

BISS AC-03-XXXX series hydraulic power units are the efficient power sources for the servo hydraulic test systems. The added features contribute to long fluid life, optimum system performance and convenient system operation. These power packs are equipped with gear pumps or variable displacement pumps that result in a remarkable improvement of energy efficiency and lower noise levels. These unique features result in lower operational costs and “greener” environment.

Standard Features

Energy efficient and quiet pumps
Contamination insensitive hydraulics
Industry standard sealing for leak free
operations and long life
Run on demand PLC/ PLI control with
digital display of pressure, temp, hours,
frequency, current etc.
Auto flow control according to the
demand from the test under progress
Piping interfaced manifolds
Easy access for maintenance
Flexible hose connections
Low maintenance cost
Rated pressure – up to 210 bar with
safety cut off at 230 bar
Water oil heat exchangers
Local or remote control
Solenoid controlled Low/High pressure
Accumulators for pulse free flow
Rated to operate under wide range of
Rated to work in unprotected shop floor
Super clean Mobil DTE 25 or equivalent
grade for long life & efficient delivery
Optional pressure rating up to 280 bar


Optional Features

High level filtrations down to 2
Variable displacement pump
to meet specific requirement
High temperature power packs
Run on demand PLC/ PLI
control system
Sound proofing with acoustic
enclosures for noise level
≤ 65dB @ 1 mtr
Cooling towers for hydraulic oil
Refrigeration based chiller units
for hydraulic oil cooling
Radiator based air blast
cooling unit for oil cooling
Hydraulic service manifolds for
multiple system usage
Manual / Electrically controlled
hydraulic sub-stations
Star-Delta starter / soft starter
Software interlock features



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Safety Features

Sensor for monitoring oil
temperature and cut off in the
event of oil temperature
exceeds set value
Level sensor to monitor oil level
and shutdown in the event of
low oil level
Oil level indicator to indicate oil
level in the tank
Filter clogging to monitor the
cleanliness of the filter
Phase failure monitor to monitor
any phase / power failure
Motor overload safety interlock
to protect the motor from over
Motor over temperature safety
Software interlock features
Low / high pressure cut off



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