Shock Absorber Performance Test System (SP-01-01XX)

The SP-01-01XX is built to evaluate the performance of shock absorbers. These machines are typically used in Shock Absorber Research and Development industries. The machine ensures assembled parts meet specified performance for which they are designed. 

Standard features 

* Electrically movable top crosshead and fixed bottom crosshead 
* Tooling suitable for 2, 3 and 4 wheeler parts.
* Force rating: 5 to 10 kN
* Manual gripping with easy adaptability to changing parts
* Quick change jaw faces and spacers to switch between parts
* Evaluation of seal friction, gas charge, static and dynamic response


Unique features 

* High precision, crank-based servo electric driven actuators
* Displacement precision of 1 micron 
* Single footprint
* Low to zero maintenance required
* Single station or dual station operation. Doubling productivity and providing cross-reference of results

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