Test Control Systems (AC–04–2370)


2370 Series digital controllers cover the needs of practically any mechanical test on materials, components and structures. They reflect over three decades of innovation, research and worldwide experience in a wide variety of applications. The unified architecture of the hardware and firmware serve system configurations that are compatible with practically all industry standard analog and digital transducers and drives. The 2370 series controllers are built around the latest analog, digital and hybrid integrated circuits providing high performance, versatility, safety and convenience. 


Key Features

Automotive, aerospace, biomedical, civil, defense, electronics, energy, education, nuclear, railways, marine, R&D, quality control and process control

Servo loop update up to 24 kHz

Materials, components, structures

Synchronous ADC sampling clock rate up to 12.5 MHz

Metals, ceramics, plastics, composites rubber, bio-materials, medical devices, micro-electronics

DAQ rate up to 24 kHz 

Tension, compression, torsion, bending, fatigue, fracture and residual strength

24-bit analog data acquisition, 32-bit digital encoder inputs and data logging, 40-bit digital servo-loop update

Static, cyclic, dynamic

Adaptive control: Mean/amplitude, error/gain matrix, stiffness or servo-differential-feedback ratio correction

Zero to 500 Hz cycling

Digital inertial force compensation in measured load readout

Uni-axial, bi-axial, multi-axial load control

Digital lag adjustment for readout synchronization

Uni-axial, multi-axial shake tables

Open library calls for third party application development


Digital control of multi-stage servo-valves 


Test-by-Wire Ready: Local and remote control via Internet/Smartphone, test control from remote computers


Modular hardware for easy expansion and support, unified software for portability across platforms

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