Thermo Mechanical Fatigue Test System

Thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) testing is a complex and demanding strain controlled testing under programmable temperature variations. BiSS model UT-06-0XXX offers a comprehensive solution for such testing that requires simulating of synchronised heating and cooling of specimens combined with mechanical loading with real time thermal strain compensation.

TMF test systems are useful to test the operational efficiency and reliability of turbine components and structures when subjected to simultaneous changes in temperatures and load under laboratory controlled environment.

BiSS TMF test system uses our state of the art 2370 series digital servo controller like all our other systems. The 2370 multi station digital servo controller used with BiSS TMF test system envisages independent *induction heating and cooling through compressed air and also allows *multi zone temperature tracking. MTL32 proprietary algorithms used with the BiSS controllers permit precision *heating rates up to 20 0C/s and cooling up to 10 0C/s.

Standard features

    * Encoder based stroke readouts with 0.1μ resolution

    * Self-aligning, self-locking, zero backlash water cooled

      hydraulic grips suitable for threaded and tubular samples

    * Choice of multi point thermocouple /non- contact type

      temperature measurements

    * Choice of high temperature extensometers with 1 μ resolution

      for 1200 and 1600 deg. C operations

    * Superior and precise induction heating and cooling with MTL32

      proprietary algorithms used on controller

    * Digital servo controller for synchronous control and data


    * Real time thermal strain compensation with 5+ kHz loop update

    * User friendly application software compliant with ASTM E2368 and

      E606 standards

    * Programmable phase angles for strain/temperature to generate in

      phase and 180 0 out of phase waveforms

    * Auto stroke and strain limit settings ensuring safety

    * User friendly data acquisition settings


* Axial low cycle fatigue

* Thermal cycling

* Thermo-mechanical cycling with independent phase control

* Isothermal tests

* Suitable to test solid and tubular specimens of stainless steel, ferritic steels and their welds

 Optional Accessories

* Vaccum chamber housing specimen and grips for testing
* Water chilling units with digital displays
* Spot welding units for thermocouple welding

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