Biaxial Damper Test System (CR-0002)

Biaxial test rig for MEMs (Multilayered Elatormeric Modules) used for developmental testing and quality assurance of elastomeric interfaces used in the launch vehicles. These elastomers in applications are sandwiched in such a way they transfer the thrust and also isolate the solid rocket motor thrust oscillations. The biaxial systems characterize vibration response at frequencies ranging from 0 to 70 Hz, displacements ranging from 0.05 to 15 mm, forces ranging from 0 to 600 kN in dynamic condition and 0-2000kN in static condition.




Biaxial static and dynamic testing
of Launch Vehicle Thrust Damper

• Static shear test-unconstrained
• Static sheer test-constrained
• Shear overload test–unconstrained
• Shear overload test– constrained
• Compression test
• Tensile rupture test
• Creep test
• Dynamic shear test-constrained
• Dynamic shear test-unconstrained

Salient Features

• Fully integrated single footprint system
• Unique dual capacity actuator mounting frame with two side actuators
• Interchangeable tooling to accommodate wide variety of tests
• Multifunction operator controls to enable part selection
• Auto centering of specimen during test to ensure zero side load on the actuator
• High flow HPS to cater to high dynamic performance
• On demand flow regulation Via PLC based hydraulic control panel
• Air conditioned enclosure for controls, electronics and computer
• Fully digital control


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