Horizontal Testing Machine (SP-06-XXXX)

BISS Servo Hydraulic Horizontal Material Testing Machines are designed for testing of wires, cables, ropes, chains etc, where the sample length is more and to be tested in static and quasi static modes. These systems feature high-stiffness, precision-aligned horizontal load frames. The basic system consists of horizontal loading frame, sturdy and adjustable cross head, specially designed cross head locking system, servo hydraulic actuator with position measuring unit, high precision load cell with load measuring unit, high resolution extensometers and strain measuring unit with all required safety interlocks and servo controller. The 2370 SS/MS controller provides the required control on stroke, load and strain modes of operation. They are available in load capacities from 50kN to 3000kN.

Standard Features

    * Load range from 50 to 3000kN force rating systems
    * All load frames have stiffness of 600kN/mm
    * Actuator stroke range from 100 to 1500mm
    * Testing speed range: 0.01 to 500 mm/min
    * Low friction and wear resistant actuators
    * Anti rotation assembly
    * 3648 MIPS DSP controller with 32-bit data, acquisition
      and 40 bit servo-loop calculations
    * Data acquisition rates up to 40 kHz
    * 40 kHz 32-bit digital closed loop control
    * Servo controlled stroke, load and strain channels
    * High accuracy level for precise load and stroke control
    * Application software as per IS & ASTM stds
    * LCD touch screen operator control panel for basic operation
      of machine viz., hydraulics on-off, lo-hi   pressure, E-stop,
      actuator jog up/down, slow or fast, hydraulic grip control

    * Load accuracy ± 0.5% of read out value from 0.2% to 100% of
      cell capacity
    * Stroke accuracy ± 0.5% of read out value
    * Electronically servo-controlled, variable flow, variable
      pressure power packs
    * Green and energy efficient hydraulic pumps
    * Virtually noiseless
    * Contamination insensitive hydraulics


     * Tensile testing of long samples
     * Wires, ropes, chains, cables
     * Static and quasi static tests
     * Testing labs, quality control and R&D






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