Three-Axes Seismic Shake Table (SH-04-XXXX)

BiSS 3-axes, 6 Degree-of-Freedom shake tables are state-of-the-art solutions for vibration and seismic studies, including earthquake simulation, soil liquefaction, fluid-structure interaction, dynamic structural response and component and damper assessment for vibration and earthquake resistance. Practically any multi-axis acceleration-time history can be faithfully reproduced on the system within the envelope of its technical specifications. This can range from harmonics to 6-axes acceleration records of actual earthquakes.




Standard Features
• Simulator tables, 0.5 x 0.5 m, 1 x 1 m, 2.5 x 2.5 m and 3 x 3 m
• Threaded mounting holes on the table top for specimen
• Fatigue rated actuators
• Low friction and low maintenance swivels
• Displacements up to 500 mm
• Designed with a natural frequency to exceed 2-4 times maximum
   test frequency.
• Contamination insensitive hydraulics
• User friendly control and application software
• Fully digitally controlled with servo loop update 2-5kHz and
  DAQ rate of 0.5-2kHz.



Unique Features


Unique design that includes reaction frame with access to internal components
Modular ‘Lego® set’ assembly for easy reassembly and installation at site
Additional data acquisition channels to monitor specimen response
Iterative adaptive control for accurate simulation of given acceleration, velocity or displacement versus time history
Servo-controlled energy-efficient low-noise hydraulic pump





• Education in earthquake engineering, marine engineering
• Dynamic response prediction, functionality, strength and durability of the structural test object
• Vibration qualification tests on mechanical components in laboratory
• Seismic qualification tests on components of nuclear power plants.
• Soil liquefaction tests civil structures


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