Uniaxial Shake Table (SH-01-XXXX)

BiSS Uniaxial Shaketables are ideal for performing seismic simulation, solid liquefaction and vibration tests on models as well as for engineering qualification of components and assemblies for earthquake and vibration resistance. The table is designed with a natural frequency to exceed 100 Hz and the design also ensures that the c g of the test object can lay anywhere within the table and elevated up to 1000 mm above the table. The precision machined rails engage with the linear bearings and provide the linear horizontal movement.
The system is powered by an electronically servo controlled low noise, variable flow, variable pressure, energy efficient pump and a digital control and data acquisition system with options to connect a wide variety of transducers. BiSS systems are configured to specific client requirements, using many standard and available high quality industrial grade components.

Standard Features

Payload capacity 500 to 10000 kg.
Table stroke up to 1500 mm.
Table size 0.5 x 0.5m, 1 x 1m, 1.5 x 1.5m, 2 x 2m and 3 x 3m.
Low friction and wear resistance linear motion bearings.
Fatigue rated actuators.
Threaded mounting holes on the table top for specimen mounting.
Encoder based displacement measurements.
Energy efficient pumps.
Servo controlled displacement test.
Adaptable to wide range of test.
Zero backlash and quiet performance.
Operating frequency up to 70Hz.
Peak velocity up to 2m/s and acceleration up to 10g.
State of art 3648 MIPS DSP, 2746M FLOPS DSP 24-bit analog data conversion, 32-bit data acquisition and 40 bit servo-loop calculations.
Data acquisition rates up to 40kHz.
User friendly application software.
Grouting features for easy installation


For conducting structural and component qualification test in laboratories.
Accelerated reliability test.
Soil liquefaction tests.
Earthquake motion simulation.
Seismic qualification tests.
Response of reinforced soil slopes.
Response of reinforced soil retaining wall.
Response of wrap-faced reinforced soil retaining wall.




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