Shock Absorber Test System with Tilting Option (SP-01-03XX)

The SP-01-03XX is built to test shock absorbers used in the tilting position, as used on railway coaches. The machine is used to ensure that assembled parts meet specified performance specifications. It is the result of over seven years of R&D with a focus on harmonizing tilt test requirements. 

Standard features 

* Two column load frame with a bottom mount actuator
* Hydraulic/Manual tilting option for the load frame to test shox/strut at user defined angle between 0 to 90°.
* Configuration available from 5 to 50 kN dynamic rating
* Evaluation of seal friction, gas charge, static and dynamic response
* Quick change jaw faces and spacers to switch between parts

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Unique features 

* Proprietary low noise, servo-controlled pump for energy efficiency. Down to about 30% of most conventional pumps.
* Contamination insensitive servo-hydraulics with readily available COTS spares.
* Dust proof air conditioned enclosures for electrical and electronics.

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