CV Joint Test System (SP-00-603)

BiSS CV Joint Test System for constant velocity testing as per SAE J 2028. The test setup evaluates the quality of CV joints by simulating the actual movements as in automobiles with BiSS 2370MS controller.
The two mounting blocks bolted on the frame support a hydraulic motor and a torque load cell coupled with transducers for precision measurement and customized grips to hold the test specimen. The mounting blocks have provision to rotate (+/-45°) and also to move to and fro adjusting to the varying lengths of specimen. 


Applications (as per SAE J 2028)

• Articulation torque test to measure the torque required to rotate the shaft, when articulated at any point between 0 to 50 degrees

• Measures backlash of the joint, maximum articulation angle, maximum articulation angle and force at any articulation angle from 50 degrees

• Optional testing under cold temperatures up to -400 C

• Optional testing under hot temperatures up to 2000 C

• Radial expansion measurement

Standard features (customized options available)

• Hydraulic Torque Motor

• Torque load cell

• Suitable for static and dynamic testing

•"Green" highly efficient hydraulic powerpack

• BiSS 2370MS controller for synchronous control and data acquisition

Optional features

• Environmental chambers


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CV Joint Test System

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