Multi Axis Shake Table (BI-00-606) 

Multi-Axes Shake Table (MAST) is a digitally controlled servo-hydraulic system for durability and performance evaluation of automotive components and sub-assemblies. Digital control system facilitates repeatable, reliable and reproducible operations related to testing under controlled multi-channel loading and simultaneous measurement of multi-channel data acquisition. The user-friendly application software covers a wide range of vibration testing requirements. The software takes care of the transformation from table DOFS (3-translational & 3-ratotional) to actuator DOFS (8-axial) which are the actual control DOFS. The double ended, double acting, equal area servo actuators, with swivel mounting on both ends, isolate the piston rods from side loads and lateral accelerations.
All actuators react vertically into the reaction mass and are coupled with suitable lever arms to transfer displacements to the table. The user-friendly real-time software enforces any desired 6DOF table motion history at speeds restricted only by pump capacity.


 Standard features (customized options available)

• Frequency 0.01 to 50 Hz

• Single axis to six axis vibration

• Displacement up to 250mm

• Table size 3m x 2m

• Low friction and low maintenance swivels

• 2370 digital controller for synchronous multi-axis control and data acquisition

• “Green” highly efficient hydraulic powerpack


• Durability testing and performance evaluation of automotive components

• Squeak and Rattle tests

• Instrument Panels and testing seats

• Testing fuel tanks, radiators and power train mounting systems

• Batteries, supporting structures and exhaust system of LCV

• Engine cooling modules test


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