Dual Station Shock Absorber Test System (SP-01-02XX)  

The Dual Station Shock Absorber Test System is Industry’s first high productivity shock absorber / strut / front-fork test system specially designed for use on damper production lines. This system is used to ensure that assembled parts meet specified performance specifications. It is the result of over seven years of R&D with a focus on harmonizing production line test requirements for 2, 3 and 4-wheeler suspension components. Individual features of this system have been tested and proven over this period by all major shox producers across the country. Practically every shock absorber and strut produced in the country is tested on a BiSS Stroker before being packed for shipment. The Bi-00-303 incorporates several unique features:



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Standard Features

* Pneumatic tooling with 3-degree rotational freedom at both ends for self-alignment
Quick change jaw faces and spacers to switch between parts.
Built-in hydraulic press-cum-hold assembly to perform rod-assembly insertion and test unsealed parts.
Low-force “bull-dog” top grip to retain top end without damage, while resisting applied tensile and compressive damping force.
Top and bottom end tooling to suit threaded and eye type mounts and custom bottom tooling to suit a variety of struts and front forks.
Tooling suitable for 2, 3 and 4-wheeler parts.
Configurations available from 5 to 15 kN dynamic rating and from 0.005 to 1.5 m/s velocity rating.

Unique Features

* Asynchronous dual-station operation. Doubles productivity and provides ready cross reference on test results.
* Proprietary low noise, servo-controlled pump for energy efficiency. Down to about 30% of most conventional  pumps  
* Contamination insensitive servo-hydraulics with readily available COTS spares.
* Optional sensors to detect complete seal insertion and to detect unsealed parts.
* Optional sensors to detect part presence and part removal to avoid duplicate test.

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