Ball Joint Test Rig (SP-00-604) 

BISS Ball Joint Test System for durability and performance evaluation of ball joint system by subjecting the specimen to tilt, rotation and axial loads. Servo torque motor,servo hydraulic linear actuators, customized grips, fixtures, and transducers simulate the real test conditions with BISS 2370MS controller.




Standard features

(customized options available)

  • Two 10 kN, +/-150 mm linear actuators

  • 1kN-m servo hydraulic rotary actuator

  • Suitable for static and dynamic testing

  • 2370MS digital controller for synchronous multi-axis control and data acquisition

  • “Green” highly efficient hydraulic power pack

 Optional features 

  • Environmental chambers

  • Muddy water system



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(as per JASO C 715, SAE J 193 and SAE J 1367)


  •   Oscillation angle test  

  •   Torque test

  •   Rigidity test

  •   Extrusion and drawing strength test

  •   Ball stud static strength test

  •   Fatigue strength test

  •   Service temperature abrasive durability test

  •   Muddy water durability test

  •   Dust cover Ozone deterioration, low temperature and heat resistance test

  •   Optional testing under cold temperatures up to -400C

  •   Optional testing under hot temperatures up to 2000C


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