Friction Stir Welding

BiSS friction stir welding test rigs feature high-stiffness; precision-aligned annular load frame with 5 axis movements and independently controlled servo-actuators using the advanced features of the 2370MS controller to provide translation and deformation control of each axis, these systems are ideal for welding aluminium sheets.
In FSW, a cylindrical shouldered tool with a profiled pin is rotated and plunged into the joint area between two pieces of sheet or plate material. The parts have to be securely clamped to prevent the joint faces from being forced apart. Frictional heat between the wear resistant welding tool and the workpieces causes the latter to soften without reaching melting point, allowing the tool to traverse along the weld line. The plasticised material, transferred to the trailing edge of the tool pin, is forged through intimate contact with the tool shoulder and pin profile. On cooling, a solid phase bond is created between the workpieces.


 fs1  fs2


The 2370MS controllers require a separate host computer and a PC running MS-Windows. All operations including system set up, calibration and tuning are performed from this computer. BiSS hardware is designed to deliver high-speed closed loop control and data acquisition




A unique feature of the 2370MS controller is the GDS environment. The GDS environment effectively converts the control system into an application server, permitting the connection of additional networked MS-Windows terminals, each with its own keyboard and mouse and Windows desktop.


Standard features

• Self reacting high stiffness multi-axial load frame with integrated service manifold and hard piping.
• Large specimen mounting area 500mm x 500mm.
• High frame natural frequency.
• Suitable to weld steel, titanium, aluminium alloys and mix of thickness from 0.5mm to 65mm.
• Vertical load capacity is 50kN with max. 3000RPM at constant torque.
• Water cooled spindle.
• Optional tools with different profiles based on application.
• 500mm stroke length in X and Y axis.
• 2370MS Series Controller.
• Wide range of options, straight, 3D contour, profile welding etc.,
• Low friction actuators with optional hydro static bearings.
• 5micron position resolution in space.

• Aero space.
• Civil aviation.
• Pressure vessel.
• Ship building.
• Automotive Industries.
• Nuclear Power Plant – High temperature steels and alloys.




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