Support & Services

BiSS engineers collaborate closely with their partners in the US in meeting the emerging demands of testing. The Test Resources network supports customers worldwide. TRI, Minneapolis serves customers in the United States, Canada and South America.  Local dealerships with experienced sales and service engineers support customers in Europe, Ukraine, Byelorus, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and China. A dedicated team of over a dozen highly qualified service engineers across India serves a diverse spread of over a hundred sites. These include shock absorber test systems operating round the clock on innumerable shop floor assembly lines, universal testing machines in universities, laboratories and quality control centers, single and multi-axis earthquake shake tables, single and multi-channel custom test rigs including automotive chassis testers, precision presses for automotive rear-axle differential assembly, engine and transmission mount testers, indentation testers, axial-torsion and biaxial test systems, airframe panel testers, tyre test rigs and automotive suspension testers. Test Resources Asia also offers commercial testing services to support R&D and product testing. This is made possible by a battery of testing machines and a team of experienced test engineers along with consulting scientists who sharing their experience over the entire process from test planning to interpreting obtained results.

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