Bi-axial Test System

BISS Biaxial cruciform test systems have high stiffness precision aligned frames with independently controlled servo actuators. These actuators can be operated in the Master-Slave configuration which results in an unchanged position of the specimen center. Using the advanced features of the 2370 series controller, the system provides translation and deformation control of each axis. The system is ideal for strength, fatigue and fracture testing of cruciform type test specimens with cracks or notches under a wide variety of synchronous biaxial load conditions and automatic specimen alignment to avoid shear loads

The test frame is compatible for use with an environment chamber and high temperature furnace for testing at different temperature and humidity conditions.

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  • Force capacity: 5 kN to 500 kN
  • Stiff and compact cruciform frame
  • Master-Slave mode
  • 1 μm displacement resolution
  • Chamber and furnace compatible
  • System is compatible with DCPD for crack measurement


  • Aerospace materials testing.
  • Pressure vessel shell/skin response.
  • Pressurized fuselage skin and launch vehicle shell response.
  • Fatigue toughness and fracture mechanics.
  • Bi-axial stress-strain response.
  • Bi-axial high strain rate test.